Mission Statement

To provide comfort, hope and compassion to people and their families dealing with life limiting illnesses.


At Trinity Hospice we believe in providing exceptional clinical care to our patients. Our focus is to address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. An individual's comfort and quality of life is priority.


Our vision is to use Hospice as a means to help as many individuals as we can. To show that Hospice may not cure an illness, but Hospice does help families and patients deal with the stress and anxiety of dealing with pain and anguish which comes with terminal illnesses. We want to see more individuals and families benefit from Hospice services when needed.

We Honor Veterans

We are recognized as a We Honor Veterans partner. Trinity Hospice will implement ongoing Veterancentered education for their staff and volunteers to help improve the care they provide to the Veterans they proudly serve.

Response Time

At Trinity Hospice, we understand that every minute matters. From the initial contact, to your daily needs, a Trinity Hospice team member is available for you 24/7.


Trinity Hospice believes communication is one of the single most important jobs we must provide, and provide well.

Patient Care

At Trinity Hospice, we teach families how to care for their loved ones. Our philosophy and mission, is to provide compassionate care to patients and families.

Executive Team

Bill McArdle

Bill currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Hospice. His education includes a BA in Psychology from the University of Arkansas as well as a Masters in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman's University. He has been involved in home health care administration for over 15 years. He has been a driving force in creating 7 successful home care agencies throughout the South Central and Eastern United States over the past decade. His clinical background as an occupational therapist, as well as his extensive knowledge in healthcare management and operations, has allowed him to be successful as an entrepreneur and as a patient advocate. He is passionate about creating organizations that honor the business partners and employees, as well as the patients and their families.

Ray Gomez

Ray currently serves as Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer of Trinity Hospice. He has been in healthcare with a focus in healthcare management and marketing for the past 20 years, starting in mental health for 3 years and moving to home health & hospice for the past 17 years. His management career started in 2008 as a marketing director in home health. He continued his leadership in hospice from 2012 until now. He is passionate about leadership and integrity for employees and passionate about helping patients and families.