Volunteering for Hospice

in Chesapeake, VA, Richmond, Oklahoma City, OK & Garland, San Antonio, and Houston, TX

Volunteers provide important services to hospice organizations and the people they serve. Whether it's providing companionship to a person in the final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members and caregivers, or helping with community outreach and fundraising, the contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work provided by our nation's hospice programs.

Hospice care in the U.S. was founded by volunteers and there is continued commitment to volunteer service - in fact, Medicare regulations require that hospices have trained volunteers as a part of the services they provide.

More than 400,000 trained volunteers provide more than 19 million hours of service every year.

By being a hospice volunteer, you can gain great personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made an impact in another person's life and in your community.

Trinity Hospice in Chesapeake, VA, Richmond, Oklahoma City, OK, Garland & San Antonio, and Houston, TX has a screening process and volunteer training program.

The best way to begin is to learn more about volunteering:

Contact your Trinity Hospice to ask about volunteer opportunities and the specific requirements and application process we have in place.

Meet some volunteers who have received national recognition for their hospice service: NHPCO/NCHPP Foundation of Hospice Award.